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April 2023

A Profile in Courage

From the Hornet's Nest Republican Men's Club Weekly Email
by Dan Barry, President

April 9, 2023

There was significant political news this week with Tricia Cotham’s announcement to leave the Democrat’s and join the Republican Party. In her Press Conference, Tricia told us about the unrelenting attacks she and her family have been under as a Democrat by their own party including “King Cooper”. In a sharp rebuke of the Governor’s tactics, Cotham told WBTV’s Nick Ochsner, “I did not come here to push a button because someone in the Mansion told me to.” The North Carolina State Democratic Party held a Press Conference shortly after Tricia’s Press Conference and in their own words and actions validated all that Tricia had told us.

The Democrats like to preach tolerance, but the bottom line is they only tolerate those who fall into line with their hard-left political agenda. What is being said about Rep. Cotham on social media is out of bounds and dangerous.

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Tricia Cotham
112th District

Mecklenburg County

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The Republican Party is a big tent and welcomes all who believe in the conservative movement and the cause of good government. In the Republican Party, we don’t always agree. There is room for debate and disagreement. When the debate ends, we know we are advancing the conservative movement to save our Republic.

Please join us in welcoming Tricia Cotham to the Republican Party. As a token of our appreciation and support, and in recognition of incredible courage Tricia Cotham has displayed, I am asking everyone to make a small contribution to her campaign. All amounts are welcome and appreciated. This is not about the contribution amount. It is all about the number of contributors. Let’s fill up her inbox with receipts. Please use the link under her photo and show Tricia our support by contributing today!

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