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Dan Forest


Charlotte, NC

January 22, 2020

The Hornet's Nest Republican Men's Club is proud to announce its endorsement of Lt. Governor Dan Forest for Governor of North Carolina in 2020.

Since taking office in 2013, Forest has consistently represented conservative principles that have resulted in unprecedented prosperity and growth in North Carolina.

"Our club has been inspired by Dan's message of unity as we create greater opportunity and expand the future possibility of our great state," said Daniel Barry, president of HNRMC. "Dan Forest is the Governor that North Carolina needs."  

The Hornet's Nest Republican Men's Club will support Forest in the March 3 Republican primary and in November's general election.

"I'm proud to accept the endorsement of The Hornet's Nest Republican Men's Club," Forest said. "These civic leaders are demonstrating how conservative principles can make a real impact in our communities, and I look forward to working with them throughout 2020." 

To learn more about Dan Forest for Governor, please go to his website.  

To make a contribution online, please use the link below today! 

Craig Horn


Charlotte, NC

February 5, 2020

The Hornet's Nest Republican Men's Club is proud to announce its endorsement of State Rep. Craig Horn for State Superintendent of Public Instruction in 2020. 


State Rep. Craig Horn, a Republican from Union County, is officially a candidate for Superintendent of the Department of Public Instruction.  Horn was the first GOP candidate in the race for the seat currently held by Republican Mark Johnson who announced plans to run for Lieutenant Governor in 2020.

”We know that Craig will continue to serve the people of North Carolina well”, said Dan Barry President of HNRMC.  “Craig is a tireless advocate for the children of our state’s educational needs.  There is no person better positioned to lead the Department of Public Instruction than Horn.  He has been a true leader on education issues in the North Carolina House for the past number of terms.”

“As one of the founding members of the Hornet’s Nest Republican Men’s Club, I am especially gratified to receive their endorsement for Superintendent of Public Education.  I am deeply committed to our education system and determined to help make North Carolina a leader in education.  With the support of like-minded North Carolinians,  like the Hornet’s Nest Republican Men’s Club, we will meet this challenge by focusing on outcomes for students and support of the hard-working teachers across North Carolina”, said Horn.

Craig is co-chairman of both the House Committee on Education Appropriations and the House Education K-12 Policy Committee. Craig is also the House Chair of the Joint Legislative Education Oversight Committee and the Joint Legislative Program Evaluation Oversight Committee.  Additionally, Craig serves on the NC Child Fatality Task Force.  He is the NC Commissioner to the Education Commission of the States and an Early Learning Fellow at the National Conference of State Legislatures.

”Craig will not need any on the job training” Barry added.

Horn continues,  “I will work together with parents, teachers and administrators at every level to keep our focus on students.  We must keep students safe in their schools and provide them with the necessary tools to be successful in life.  North Carolina can and will lead the nation in education outcomes”.

To learn more about Craig Horn and his campaign, please visit his website.

Judge Casey Viser


Charlotte, NC

February 3, 2020  

The Hornet's Nest Republican Men's Club is proud to announce its endorsement of Judge Casey Viser for Superior Court Judge in 2020.

Judge Viser was originally appointed in 2013 as a District Court Judge by Governor McCrory, and then appointed in 2015 as a Superior Court Judge, again by Governor McCrory, and was unanimously confirmed by the State House and Senate.  Judge Viser presides over all felony criminal cases, and civil cases involving amounts in controversy of greater than $50,000.  Judge Viser has presided over Superior Court in 46 of North Carolina's 100 counties.

The Hornet’s Nest Republican Men engages with conservative candidates and elected officials at all levels of government.  “Superior Court Judges have tremendous impact in our communities and across our state”, said Dan Barry President of HNRM.  “It is imperative the we send good conservative Constitutionalist to the Bench to help turn back the tide of judicial activism.”  In 2018 and 2019 we saw the strategy of the Progressive Democrats of Sue Till Blue.  They are using the Jury Box to do what they can’t do at the ballot box. 


  "I am honored to receive the endorsement of The Hornet's Nest Republican Men's Club. This is an organization founded by hard working conservative leaders, whose goal is to encourage active involvement in the community and make it better”, said Viser.  “I am extremely proud to have their support."

Judge Viser is a native Charlottean, and lifelong resident of this Judicial District (26A).  Judge Viser is married with three teenage children.

Judge Viser's official website link will be available soon.  To support Judge Viser’s campaign, please donate by contributing online using this link below today!

Frank Aikmus


  Union County, NC - February 13, 2020.  The Hornet's Nest Republican Men's Club is proud to announce its endorsement of Commissioner Frank Aikmus for re-election to the Union County Board of Commissioners.

Commissioner Frank Aikmus was first elected to the Union County Board of Commissioners in 2012. He has served as Chairman of the board on two occasions during his tenure  

Commissioner Aikmus and his wife reside in Union County near Waxhaw. He has spent the past 22 years of his working career in the banking and finance industry. He currently serves as the Senior Vice President at American Bank located in Monroe. Since 2011, Commissioner Aikmus has sat on the N.C. Debt Affordability Advisory Committee as a Senate appointee. Additionally, he is actively involved and serves on numerous community boards and groups. He is an Eagle Scout who attributes many of his leadership skills to his Scouting experience.

In Aikmus’s two terms on the Board of Commissioners, he has used his business background to provide steady focused leadership.  “Frank has depth and breadth of knowledge and experience on the issues facing the citizens of Union County,” said Dan Barry, President of the Hornet’s Nest Republican Men's Club.

Aikmus recently sponsored and supported the resolution to declare Union County a Second Amendment Sanctuary County. Additionally Commissioner Aikmus has supported reduction in the size of county government and has advocated for tax cuts on several occasions.

“Union County is a victim of its success.  We set out to be the best place to live and raise a family and now Union County is one of the fastest growling counties in the country.  That kind of growth requires a steady hand at the helm.  That’s why we are supporting Frank Aikmus to return to the BOCC”, said Barry.

Commissioner Aikmus is committed to a common sense approach to local government.

“I am extremely pleased to have the endorsement of the Hornets Nest. Knowing many in this group personally and their commitment to conservative values,  I am honored that they chose to endorse me”, said Aikmus. 

Jim O’Neill


 Union County, NC - February 14, 2020.  The Hornet's Nest Republican Men's Club is proud to announce its endorsement of  Jim O'Neill for North Carolina Attorney General

Jim O’Neill was appointed Forsyth County District Attorney in November 2009 and is currently serving as Forsyth County’s elected District Attorney.  Jim is a veteran prosecutor having, prior to his appointment, served as an Assistant District Attorney since 1997.  

Over the past 23 years, Jim has prosecuted some of the most serious and violent offenders.  Jim was Forsyth County’s first dedicated Domestic Violence prosecutor.  Since becoming the District Attorney, Jim has instituted a prosecution program targeting sex offenders, as well programs designed to focus resources on prosecuting violent criminal offenders and those who abuse and take advantage of the elderly.

”We need an Attorney General that will work with Republican Sate Legislators and with the next Republican Governor.  We must have an Attorney General who will fight to protect the citizens of this great state,” said Daniel Barry, President of Hornet’s Nest Republican Men. 

In Forsyth County, Jim has achieved the lowest dismissal rate in the state among urban counties for violent crime offenders.  Jim has the highest conviction rate in the state when it comes to sexual assault crimes.  Jim started the opioid addiction program to help inmates get and remain clean.  This program has been so successful that it is being duplicated statewide, as is Jim’s license restoration initiative.  Both programs, the first of their kind in our state. 

Since 2008, Jim has had the highest peer review rating through Martindale-Hubbell.  He also serves as Vice President of the North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys.

"It is a great honor and privilege to be endorsed by the Hornet’s Nest Republican Men’s Club.  I am grateful to this strong group of conservatives for organizing to help elect worthy GOP candidates.  I am humbled by their support,” say O’Neill.

To learn more about Jim O’Neill please visit his website.

To donate to his campaign, please use the link below: 

Mike Causey


  Charlotte, NC - February 16, 2020. The Hornet's Nest Republican Men's Club is proud to announce its endorsement and support to re-elect incumbent Mike Causey for Commissioner of Insurance and State Fire Marshal

Mike is a native of Guilford County where he still lives with his wife Hisae on the farm where he grew up.

Mike Causey is not just another candidate – he’s lived the life and understands what is involved with the insurance industry. Mike has 25 years of experience working in insurance. He is also a military veteran and understands the laws. Mike Causey is truly a “man of the people.” He’s not about fame or status – he’s just a man who cares about North Carolina and wants to make a difference in his community.

In his role as Insurance Commissioner and State Fire Marshall, Mike has worked to create more market competition, improved department efficiency, and made the department more accessible to consumers. 

"As an insurance professional, Mike knows first hand how integral the Insurance Commissioner's role is in protecting the interests of consumers while balancing the rights and needs of insurance providers. He has succeeded in creating a vibrant and competitive insurance marketplace in North Carolina. As State Fire Marshal he also recognized the importance of both fire prevention and fraud detection and beefed up the inspection and investigative staff of this department. He realized early in his career that prevention saves lives while fraud detection and prosecution helps lower insurance rates for consumers. North Carolina consumers know they can count on Causey," said Dan Barry, President of Hornet's Nest Republican Men's Club.

"I am most grateful for the support from the Hornet's Nest Republican Men. Their support will be vital in our efforts to continue the reforms we’ve instituted at the Department of Insurance since I took office in 2017. Thank you Hornet's Nest for your excellent leadership in promoting conservative values throughout North Carolina!"


To learn more about Mike Causey, please visit his website.

If you would like to support his campaign, please use the link below:

Tim Hoegemeyer


  Charlotte, NC - February 18, 2020. The Hornet's Nest Republican Men's Club is proud to announce its endorsement of Tim Hoegemeyer for North Carolina State Auditor

The State Auditor's Office works to protect the interests of taxpayers and others who provide financial resources to the State of North Carolina. Specifically, it provides objective information to interested parties about whether state resources are properly accounted for, reported, and managed; as well as whether publicly-funded programs are achieving desired results.

Tim Hoegemeyer is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. He is also a veteran of the Office of the State Auditor where he worked for over 12 years as General Counsel and also oversaw the Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Investigative Division.

"Having served in the Auditors Office, Tim understands what a unique and important role this is in state government," says Dan Barry, President of the Hornet's Nest Republican Men's Club. "To keep the Carolina Comeback moving along, we must diligently root out waste and fraud from government spending. Tim is the right person for the Job", continued Barry.

Tim lives in Fuquay-Varina with Jennifer, his wife of 21 years and their three children; Levi, Canaan, and Eden. Together they are active in their church where Tim serves as a Deacon. Their boys are also active in Boy Scouts where Tim serves as an Assistant Scoutmaster.

Tim is a consummate professional who will use his legal background and his years of experience in the office of the State Auditor to ensure our tax money is being spent in the most efficient and effective manner for the citizens of North Carolina as approved by the General Assembly. There is no one in either party more qualified to be the watchdog over all of North Carolina's expenditures.

Hoegemeyer expressed his gratitude to HNRMC as follows, "The members of the Hornet's Nest Republican Men's Club are some of my first and staunchest supporters, and I complement them on the great work they are doing to educate voters regarding the qualifications of those running for public office. I very much appreciate their support and endorsement"

To learn more about Tim, please visit his  website.

Please click the link below if you would like to make a contribution:

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